The research of Gene Warren, Alan Church and/or TW+A Research on mature markets has been cited by numerous media sources throughout the nation. A representative sample of these citations includes:
+ 01-11-09 Gene Warren featured in the "Boomers Find Time for Change of Plans" of the Herald Tribune of Sarasota
+ 01-01-09 Continiental - The Inflight Magazine for Continental Airlines mentions TW+A Research in their January edition
+ 01-01-09 Retirement Lifestyles Magazine features TW+A Research in "An Emerging Retirement Mecca"
+ 12-01-08 TW+A Research gets mention in 50+ Housing Magazine in "Multi-Generational Communities: Creating a More Vibrant Enrivonment" by Jan Mitchell
+ 12-01-08 Newsweek features TW+A Research and Gene Warren in the Article "Ready to Retire?"
+ 10-23-08 50+ Housing E/Source publishes a TW+A Research article titled "Finding Your Best 50+ Customers"
+ 10-20-08 Gene Warren will be the featured speaker at the 50+ Housing Council of Orange County in Newport Beach, CA on February 22nd, 2009
+ 10-19-08 "Websites Can Help Retirees Looking to Move to a Tourist Mecca" published in The Daily Herald of Chicago
+ 10-10-08 Gene Warren is a featured speaker at the International Builder's Show in Las Vegas January 22nd, 2009 - "Learning the 3 M's - Markets, Marketing, and Management Leads"
+ 10-09-08 "Town, Retirees Topic of Discussion" published in the Texarkana Gazette
+ 09-28-08 Herald Tribune in Sarasota, FL runs "Will Florida Attract the Boomers?" featuring Gene Warren
+ 09-01-08 HousingZone publishes article with TW+A "Boomers Provide Opportunity for Builders"
+ 09-01-08 Gene Warren is featured in Bulder Magazine, "Retirement Postponed"
+ 08-25-08 TW+A are the cover story for the NAHB's 50+ Building Magazine with “Look at the big picture when identifying amenities for the 50+ market”
+ 06-24-08 TW+A noted in the St Petersburg Times article "Don't Expect Boomers to Mellow into Retirement." by Judy Stark.
+ 05-22-08 Ilyce Glink pens article featuring Gene Warren appearing in: Baltimore Sun, The Boston Globe, Washington Post, The City Paper, and The Arizona Republic.
+ 05-16-08 "Ranch & Retreat: The Trend Makers" by Heather Draper appears in the San Antonio News-Express.
+ 05-07-08 Gene Warren is cited in the Sacramento Bee, "Texas is big and Brash." by Jim Wasserman.
+ 05-06-08 Bob Moos of The Dallas Morning News features TW+A in "Boomer Retirees are Loving what Texas Hill Country Affords Them".
+ 03-04-08 View our new whitepaper on what SeniorStat can do for a homebuilder's marketing budget
+ 12-17-07 Click Here for Information On Our Retiree Demographic Reports
+ 11-02-07 Webinars detailing our new money saving product offerings are coming in January
+ 11-02-07 Download TW+A's presentations from the 2007 AARC Conference Here:
"Tourism and Retiree Relocation" and "Retiree Attraction as Green Economic Development"
+ 09-16-07 "Attracting Retirees Can Be Economic Boost to Towns" by Don Simms and Dan Owens in the Augusta Chronicle
+ 08-27-07 Austin, Houston and San Antonio Business Journal feature retiree migration article based on TW+A.
+ 08-22-07 TW+A and NARA releases retiree migration estimates based on the 2005 ACS data.
+ 06-29-07 TW+A in cooperation with the American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) Announce the Availability of Mature Market Demographic Reports, Available Here
+ 05-29-07 Gene Warren is featured in "Texas Leaps to No. 2 as Place to Retire" by Bob Moos in the Dallas Morning News
+ 05-29-07 Brent Clayton interviewed Gene Warren for the BizRadio business news network KXYZ in Texas (Dallas and Houston)
+ 05-22-07 Visit TW+A at the 2007 Southern Building Show and Conference June 20-22 in Atlanta, GA
+ 05-01-07 highlights TW+A's research in 6 Tips to Evaluating a Retirement Community by Carole Moore
+ 03-21-07 "Main Street Ozark" by Sandra Key in The Spectator
+ 03-15-07 A Retirement Relocation Summit to be hosted by TW+A and Retirement Lifestyles magazine on Wed., October 17, 2007 at the Annual NARA (National Active Retirement Association) conference held in Atlanta, GA.
+ 02-28-07 "Turning Gray into Gold" by Connie Las-Schneider in The Spectator
+ 12-11-06 Click Here to Receive TW+A's Presentation at the 2006 NARA Conference on CD Limited Quantities
+ 11-09-06 Gene Warren Holds Roundtable Discussion of Retiree Attraction as Economic Development at the 2006 NARA Conference
+ 09-21-06 Gene Warren Speaks on Retirees Research Trends at the 2006 AARC Conference
+ 09-21-06 "Experts Discuss Attracting Retirees" by Steve Reagan in Big Spring Herald
+ 08-21-06 "Retiree Out-Migration is Growing Concern " by Nate Jenkins in Lincoln Journal Star
+ 07-30-06 "Texas towns may turn gray into gold" by Bob Moos in The Dallas Morning News
+ 07-11-06 KBYG 1400 AM Big Spring, Texas Radio Interview
+ 07-05-06 "Wanted: A Few Good Baby Boomers" by Bob Faw on NBC Nightly News - A TV Special Report
+ 05-29-06 "Statewide Marketing Program to Help Towns Attract Older Residents" by Bob Moos in The Dallas Morning News
+ 03-09-06 “States urged to curb senior tax breaks” by Christine Vestal in (an online publication of the Pew Charitable Trust, Washington, D.C.)
+ 03-04-06 "Retirees Boosting States' Rural Economies" by Christine Vestal in (an online publication of the Pew Charitable Trust, Washington, D.C.)
+ 03-01-06 “The Future Is Gaining on You” in FastCompany
+ 01-24-06 "Subdivision takes aim at retirees: Developers hope to lure retiring baby
boomers to 55-and-up housing," by Matt Garfield in the Rock Hill (SC) Herald.
+ 01-23-06 "Senior Class: An economic force," by Holly Fisher in the Charleston
Regional Business Journal
+ 01-11-06 Gene Warren, President of TW+A, discussed retiree attraction as an economic
development strategy for rural communities with Mike Adams, the host of AgriTalk, an hour long syndicated talk radio program heard in over 60 communities across the U.S.. (listen)
+ 01-01-06 “Bracing for the boom” by Betsy Clayton, in the Fort Meyers
(FL) News Press
+ 01-01-06 "Everyone's panning for 'gray gold'," by Betsy Clayton, in the Fort Meyers
(FL) News Press
+ 12-31-05 "Retirees find rural life suits them," by Charisse Jones in USA Today"
+ 12-31-05 "States rushing to lure retirees," by Charisse Jones in USA Today
+ 12-08-05 "Blacks a growing part of retirement migration south," by Haya El Nasser in
USA Today
+ 09-09-05 The article "Retirees - Our Greatest Asset" by Gene Warren, President of TW+A, appeared in the Fall 2005 issue of Living Southern Style magazine.
+ 06-13-05 The TW+A evaluation on retiree attraction for Thomasville, GA was referenced in the article, "Good Riddance to the Rat Race" in US News & World Report, June 13, 2005. more
+06-12-05 The report "Economic Feasibility of Target Sites" was issued by TW+A in partnership with CSC (Community Sciences Corporation) for the Globe - Miami Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation.
+ 06-05-05 An interview with Gene Warren, President of TW+A, on the value of retiree attraction as economic development, appeared in the article "Seeing gold in silver hair," in the business section of The Dallas Morning News, June 12, 2005.
+05-16-05 Gene Warren, President of TW+A, has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC). more
+05-05-05 TW+A in partnership with Community Sciences Corporation issued the report "Evaluation of Industrial Park Sites for the Globe/Miami Area" for the Globe Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation.
+ 04-25-05 Gene Warren is an invited speaker on “The impact of the growth of the senior population and in-migration of retirees in South Carolina,” at the 2005 South Carolina White House Conference on Aging, to be held in Myrtle Beach, SC April 25 -27, 2005.
+ 03-24-05 “School-Related Influences on Grade 8 Mathematics Performance in Massachusetts,” co-authored by Gene Warren, was published in The Education Group Review (an on-line, peer reviewed, journal specializing in education policy issues) on March 24, 2005.
+ 03-11-05 Gene Warren made a presentation, “Communities for a Lifetime: A Quantitative Approach,” at the Joint National Conference on Aging, sponsored by the American Society on Aging and The National Council on Aging, in Philadelphia, PA on March 11, 2005.
+ 03-01-05 TW+A and Community Sciences Corporation issued the Phase II Report, “Economic Development and Planning Assessment,” for the Business and Technology Park in Taylor, Arizona on March 1, 2005.
+ 09-04 10-04 “The Gray Gravy Train” County (a magazine of the Texas Association of Counties) Austin, TX
+ 05-30-04 “Retirees boost economies” in The Arizona Republic Phoenix, AZ
+ 04-19-04 “Retirees provide attractive target for communities” in USA Today Washington, DC
+ 03-05-04 “Retiree’s spending benefits state more than you think” in The Business Journal Phoenix, AZ
+ 10-09-03 “Retirees: assets or burdens?” in Charlotte Observer Charlotte, NC
+ 10-01-03 “Data shows benefits of attracting retirees” in Smokey Mountain News Ashville, NC
+ 09-20-03 “Retirees bring economic benefits with them” in The State Columbia, SC
+ 05-27-03 “Retirees breathe new life into fading towns” in The Christian Science Monitor Boston, MA
+ 04-06-03 “Retirees as permanent tourists” in The Arizona Republic Phoenix, AZ
+ 02-03 “How Many Retirees?” in Florida Trend Magazine Tampa, FL
+ 01-17-03 “Arizona is enriched by its senior population” in Arizona Capitol Times Phoenix, AZ
+01-12-03 “Banking on retirement” in Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ
+ 10-18-02 “Florida frets it doesn’t have enough elderly” in The Wall Street Journal New York, NY
+ 09-12-02 “States mine for gray gold” in (an online publication of the Pew Charitable Trust) Washington, D.C.
+ 08-23-02 “Senior migration means revenue, study says” in Arizona Capitol Times Phoenix, AZ
+ 07-31-02 “Embracing retirees is economic boon” in The Times-Picayune New Orleans, LA
+ 07-31-02 “Golden oldies good for state’s bottom line” in The Advocate Baton Rouge, LA
+ 07-30-02 “Drawing retirees to La. Could counter problems” in The Advocate Baton Rouge, LA
+ 07-15-02 “Mature population subsidizing younger crowd” in Palm Beach Post Palm Beach, FL
+ 07-15-02 “Seniors give more than they receive” in Herald Tribune Sarasota, FL
+ 07-12-02 “Enjoying our steady economy? Thank your senior neighbors” in Herald Tribune Sarasota, FL
+ 07-10-02 “Seniors give more than they receive” in Tampa Bay Business Journal Tampa, FL
+ 07-08-02 “Seniors mean $1.4 billion to state” in St. Petersburg Times St. Petersburg, FL
+ 07-08-02 “50+ group keeps Fla. strong” in South Florida Business Journal Fort Lauderdale, FL
+ 07-08-02 “Seniors give state a boost” in The Tampa Tribune Tampa, FL
+ 07-08-02 “50-plus group keeps state strong” in Jacksonville Business Journal Jacksonville, FL
+ 03-04-02 “Retiring boomers to have a big impact on Tucson” in Tucson Citizen Tucson, AZ
+ 10-26-01 “Senior impact grows” in The Business Journal Phoenix, AZ